Because every business, nowadays, is building a website, cost is a prime consideration when selecting a web host, especially if you're still starting on your online business. To understand the process of why one has to have a web host in starting an online business, a web host is a company with servers where you store and deliver your website's files. Therefore, you're paying this company, web host, to store and deliver your website's files in the Internet. The price for an affordable web host is based on the regular monthly prices with no discounts applied for the starter plans. There are many affordable web host companies, each with their own pricing plans. If the web host offers monthly plans, the price is based monthly even if you pay for an annual plan. But, why pay for a year's plan when you're not sure yet if the new website will succeed? So, it's best to look for web ssd hosting companies that offer affordable plans.


It's also important that before looking for a good and affordable web hosting company, you have the right features in your website, such as: a domain, email, blogging software, email marketing, e-commerce, file sharing, service's customer support such as a 24/7 customer support, and FAQs and forums.


There two popular and affordable types of web hosting plans that are recommended for starters: Shared plan and managed WordPress plan. The Shared hosting is a set up where the hosting company runs multiple websites on a server. The benefit of Shared hosting is the affordable price, however, because of many websites are sharing on a server, some websites may have a lot of viewers which means that during peak time your website may be affected by too much traffic from other websites such that viewers on your website may have difficulty viewing your features because of the slow speed they're experiencing. While with managed WordPress hosting, you set up and run a WordPress blog, which is favorable if your website's function is to be a blog.


There are other web hosting companies that offer several tiers of service, just make sure that a particular tier actually offers what your website needs. Other hosts will ask for additional cost for tools you might use in designing your website and others will commit you to a three-year hosting agreement for you to get a low monthly price. Until you know what features you will need for your website, it is advisable not to commit to a yearly plan.